Automatic maamoul machine

Automatic maamoul machine

Maamoul machine(moon cake machine)consists of automatic encrusting machine,automatic stamping machine,and automatic tray arranging machine. The maamoul machine can produce different kinds of stuffing products

  • Automatic multifunctoin food machine
    The automatic food machine can change different skin thickness, length, size of food by the machine.can also change different molds for making different shaped food products.The machine can also make filling soft stuffed pastries such as ,filled cookies,moon cake, maamoul, pineapple cake, mochi, ice cream mochi, meat ball, crystal bun and so on.
  • Automatic Stamping machine
    The automatic stamping machine is used to shape the stuffing products after encrusting by pressing ups and downs through the mould which can be made in different shapes.
  • Tray arranging machine
    Fully automatic arranging machine is suitable for food enterprises of scale production, it could pick up products in the baking trays directly. It can avoid the destruction or contamination by hand before the product is not baked, and can reach food hygiene standards.

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  • Maamoul making machine
  • Maamoul making machine
  • Maamoul making machine
  • Maamoul making machine

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Is it cheaper to make your own machine (Take the protein ball machine as an example)?

1. Manual Capacity:

1. ABT 500 pieces/day. 2. Low capacity. 3. No uniform size. 4. No sanitary protection. 5. Batch operation. 6. Time costing.

2. Machine Capacity:

1. At least 60/ min. 2. 3600pieces/hour. 3. 28800pieces/ day. 4. High speed 5. Uniform size. 6. Hygienic environment. 7. Continuous operation. 8. Time saving.

3. Labour Costs(Europe for reference):

1. Monthly salary:

ABT 1,000USD/ Month>12,000USD/ Year→120,000USD/ Decade.

2. Under the assumption: No resignation, No salary rise, No allowance, No social securit

4. Machine Costs(bar machine for reference):

1. Bar machine Cost:

9,000USD/SET (Average service lifetime: 10 years) 75USD/ Month.

2. Electricity & water cost:

ABT 60USD/month.

720 USD/ Year.

7200 USD/ Decade.

5. Space Requirement:

Before: Workers & Work facilities crowded together.

Now: Only 1.1m² for machine ( bar machine& for reference).

Labor free, workshop rational utilizatrol.

What About machine Price

It is worth saying that the price of the equipment can be different depending on its components and applicability in business.

Feel free to contact us if you want to discover what is the price for this solution!

Machine Specification:







Product weight


Machine weight




After-sale service

1.Free assembling and installation, free operation and training.

2.12months quality warranty since the date of installation. Whole life services.

3.During warranty, all maintenance and damaged spare parts for free. After warranty, all charges with cost price.

4.Support 24 hours hot line service, as well as email and video communications.

5.Engineer is always available for customers'machine adjustment and maintenance if required.

If you are interested in our protein ball machine, welcome to buy the custom equipment with our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Top quality, reliable performance and competitive price can be assured.

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