Chocolate ball mill
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Chocolate ball mill is mainly used for fine grinding of chocolate slurry.It can fine grind the chocolate slurry through the friction and collision between the steel ball and the slurry .It can be used as independent refining equipment .Also the unit can be used to shorten the grinding time with chocolate refining mill and chocolate holding tank together.
Horizontal ball mill for chocolate is a major equipment of the chocolate production line for chocolate syrup fine grinding. Under the effect of the ball running and grinding, it makes the chocolate syrup great fine. The average fineness can reach 20-25 micron. This equipment is consisted of bearing ball grinding system, recycling feeding system.
1.The grinding is continuous, it is very efficient .
2.It is also suitable to grind chocolate mass which needs fine grindings.
3.Normally it will be better to connect with the conch machine and the holding tank .
4.PLC control, it is convenient and easy operation.



Max capacity(L/H)

400- 500

Grinding Fineness(um)


Power of main motor(kw)


Ball Weight(kg)


Electrical heating power (kw)




Thickness of inner cylinder(mm)


Thickness of out cylinder (mm)


Speed of the main motor (Rpm)


Speed of Main Engine(Rpm)




1.Free assembling and installation,free operation and training. 
2.12months quality warranty since the date of installation.Whole life services. 
3.During warranty,all maintenance and damaged spare parts for free.After warranty,all charges with cost price. 
4.Support 24hours hot line service,as well as email and video communications. 
5.Engineer is always available for customers’ machine adjustment and maintenance if required. 
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