Pre-sale Service

  • Papa Industrial is the expert on food machinery producing for years,we have a group of excellent engineers and technicians in the industry who are in charge of R&D,design,and technical support.we also have a professional sales team at your service with passion and confidence.

  • Our sales team have abundant knowledge to answer your inquiries and give proper suggestions and solutions.If they can’t give a proper answer,your inquiries will be passed to our engineers accordingly,until a final answer and solution is offered to you.

  • Our salesman will record each customer’s inquiry and content,we confirm customer’s each requirement,prepare solution,drawing,samples,and plant visiting and discussion before an order.Our engineers are available to answer all your questions and machinery is available for checking and running.

  • We provide turnkey solution and customized service for our customer according to their needs.

Service during Sales

  • The final project drawing and technical data will be made by engineer and confirmed by both customer and company before an order. After an order is placed,our salesman will make out an order task list and an order tracking table for the sign and seal of each department supervisors(Sales manager,purchasing manager,production manager and boss),each department begin their job according to the order table.

  • Our technicians are responsible to settle customer’s design drawing into sections and distribute each part of them to our production manager,production manager then distribute to each team captain.

  • During the machine processing,our salesman will follow up customer’s order timely and update customer periodically.If customer has any requirement or change during the period,customer should confirm our salesman by email and sign,then again,our salesman will forward the amended order task list and order tracking table to each department.

  • We will officially confirm customer the delivery time in order and inform customer the machine finishing time in case of customer's checking and machine testing if customer require.If not,we will provide machine picture and videos accordingly.

  • After customer’s checking and confirmation,we arrange the machine packaging and shipping for customer.Also pictures and videos are provided.

After-sale Service

  • After the shipping,the order is not finished yet.Customer should prepare sufficient electric power, water, steam and compressed air supplies we required in advance,the supplies should be suitable to be connected to our machinery before the arrival of our machinery.

  • We start to arrange installation and commissioning which mainly include plant layout design, assembling and installation, machine running and local team training.Normally we send 2 technicians to come(one for machine installation and running,one for electrical engineering),customer provide  round-air tickets, local transportation, board and lodging.

  • We confirm customer the available date of technicians’ coming and visa arrangement.Our technicians will take all the need tools and accessories.

  • During the installation and commission,customer should prepare a Chinese translator(if customer can’t provide,we can help to provide),and our professional salesman will follow up the process among technician,customer and company to provide necessary assistance.

  • Normally,the machine regularly running a week will be taken as the success of the commissioning(if not,customer can negotiate with our company to extend technicians’ staying and visa),our technicians will forward customer a service feedback to improve our after-sale service in future.Then customer send our technicians back to airport,the installation and commissioning is finished.

Quality Assurance

  • Normally we guarantee the machine quality 12 months and provide whole life service since the finishing date of installation.During the warranty period, if any problems and defaults happen on the parts of the machinery,we will replace the parts or send the technicians to customer’s site for repairing and maintenance for free. If the defaults are aroused by the defaulted operations of customer, or customer need the technical assistance for the processing problems, then customer should be responsible for all the cost,details can be negotiated between two parties.

  • Besides,we provide 24 hours hot line for customer complaints.our service personal will forward customer’s complaints to company and give customer the best solution ASAP.

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