Tortilla making machine

1. One side of this machine into the material and another side continuous out of breadwhich does not need manual operation and has the characteristics of constant temperature baking and uniform fire color.

2. This machine has the mechanical and electrical integration of CNC regulation system, with the characteristics of small noise, high efficiency, low energy consumption and simple operation. Just need one person can operate it.

3. The machine has a delicate construction, the material enter system work smoothly and not easy to make mistakes,the disassembly and cleaning is also very convenient.

4. The taste, diameter (10-350cm) and thickness (0.3-1mm), as well as color, speed of this machine can be adjusted at will.

5. Compared with traditional hand-made round bread, the products making for this machine with more regular shape, brighter color and stronger taste, which can be stored in low temperature for one month (frozen storage lasts for one year).

6. Imitation hand rolling system bread, green food, without any additives.

7. This Machine can be made: Round flipping buns, Single Round Bread, Roasted duck bread and so on.

Voltage:380v, 50Hz
Diameter :100-400mm
Thickness :0.3-2mm
Over Size :3500*800*1400mm
Packing weight :500kg
1.Free assembling and installation,free operation and training. 
2.12months quality warranty since the date of installation.Whole life services. 
3.During warranty,all maintenance and damaged spare parts for free.After warranty,all charges with cost price. 
4.Support 24hours hot line service,as well as email and video communications. 
5.Engineer is always available for customers’ machine adjustment and maintenance if required. 
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